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ships. so i think this action will involve military force into this dispute. so there is a possibility to escalate both countries' actions. >> quite a dangerous situation. do you think china could take further action over the islands? >> i don't think so. but it is very difficult to find out which level decided to let the aircraft invading japanese airspace. but once happen, this kind of issue, the china's leaders or headquarters must support this kind of action. but we cannot see any kind of change of china's leaders intention for the senkaku islands. the president has already started the campaign to get rid of the corruption. he doesn't want to escalate any other dispute with this campaign. so i think it's danger to take action by simplistic thinking way. i hope both japan and china, dealing with issue very calmly. >>> authorities in north korea have provided a boost for their leader and they've uncreased their threat to their neighbors. they say they succeeded in launching a rock tote put a satellite into space. officials in south korea, japan and the u.s. say the north koreans actu
such activity. they're also expected to discuss plans of action in case the launch happens. the diplomats are likely to request the security council to issue a strong condemnation. >>> police in central japan are trying to find some clues as to why a highway tunnel collapsed. they've searched the headquarters of the company that operates the highway. police suspect officials with central nippon expressway of professional negligence resulting in injury or death. officers also searched a maintenance facility and four other locations. hundreds of concrete panels fell from the tunnel's ceiling on sunday. they crushed three vehicles. nine people were killed. expressway officials say some of the bolts used to attach panels to the ceiling became loose. workers completed the tunnel in 1977. company officials say they have no records to indicate any bolts were ever replaced. they say crews only conducted visual checks. experts studying the collapse say the fact that the concrete ceiling slabs were connected may have been the reason so many of them came crashing down. central nippon expressway repr
with this issue civilly by cooperating with the international community. >> translator: north korea's action is threatening the peace and security of the korean peninsula, as well as the world. we strongly denounce the launch of the missile in defiance of repeated calls and warnings by the international community. >> krt made public a picture of what they say is a control facility for the satellite. officials in south korea, japan and elsewhere say the north koreans fired off a long-range missile. japanese government officials say it traveled south over okinawa. they say the launch went at the north koreans had predicted. the first stage fell in to the yellow sea. the nose section fell a short distance beyond that. the second stage dropped in to the pacific ocean east of the philippines. japanese defense officials say they learned of the launch from u.s. missile warning systems around 9:51 japan time. it was confirmed around 10:01 by self defense forces radar which then tracked the rocket. the ministry says it decided not to fire its patriot defense missiles because the rocket was confirmed
applause for his speech to the algerian parliament. he did not apologize for france's actions, but he did acknowledge the brutal nature of colonial rule. >> for over 133 years, algeria was subjected to a profoundly unjust and global system -- brutal system. this system has a name. it is colonialism, and i recognize the suffering that it inflicted on the algerian people. >> hollande and the algerian president have signed a declaration of friendship and cooperation. it lays the groundwork for closer economic cooperation. investment from france is welcome in algeria. french carmaker renault's as it is drawing up plans to build a new plant in the country -- french car maker reynaud says -- french car maker renault says it is drawing up plans to build a new plant in the country. >> israel's plans to build new homes for jewish settlers in occupied territories have been condemned by the international community. the ute's foreign policy chief strongly opposed what she called the unprecedented expansion of settlements. >> these latest plans were also condemned by members of the security council, w
for action -- another new rape case. >> this woman is mourning the loss of her daughter. six weeks after being gang raped in her village in india, the 17-year-old girl succumbed to her despair and took her own life. her suicide note lists the names of the four perpetrators. for weeks, local police would not register the case. instead, they tried to force a settlement between the rapists and the girl's family. >> for almost 14 days, no action was taken in this case. no case was registered. neither was any arrests made. attempts were also made to hush up the case by arriving at a compromise. it went through two further departments before it reached us, and in the process, nothing happened. >> it is a sad reminder of a society that has turned a blind eye to sexual violence for years. it% of the victims are women. another gang rape, this time of a 23-year-old woman in delhi, has triggered a wave of protests and forced the prime minister to hold an inquiry. he is promising laws to protect women and to crack down on sex crimes. in the meantime, the rapists of the 17-year-old in northern india
by the opposition. >> these actions are not normal. in fact, they are simply undemocratic. they are getting people to commit these actions for political motives. in this case, it is specifically about blocking and albania's integration into the european union. >> the dissidents'acts of desperation are being turned into a political conspiracy. the debate is a political one. albania has shown little interest in compensating the victims. come to terms with the past is not on the political agenda in albania. it is only communist country whose secret police archives are still close. >> there are forces in albania that are reactionary or else they have a criminal past they are trying to cover up. these forces are now holding key positions in this country, and that includes the justice system and even the parliament. then he would be happy to be leading a normal life. he and his wife have built up a modest livelihood operating a small kiosk, but in april, he gave another television interview. that was one too many. them on may 6, the police came with bulldozers. there were nearly 100 people. four or five
. hundreds of thousands of fans will flock to get a firsthand look at the action. >> in the year 2020, that will not be so easy. that is because european soccer's governing body has decided that the games will take place in cities across the continent. >> they say the decision to split the play across europe is to celebrate the competition's 60th anniversary. >> european football fans can look forward to a party that spans the continent. the idea came from and 1980's football legend. he first proposed a multi-city championship at the end of euro 2012. now, the body's executive board has agreed. >> the main point is we need to give more cities, more countries the possibility to host a celebration, european championship, to the whole of europe. >> it is not yet clear which countries will host the matches. the bidding process is set to start early next year. cities in 13 countries are said to be in the running with berlin one of the contenders. the german football association says the announcement is absolutely positive. berlin fans can only hope that the party will touch down in their c
for tougher gun laws is gaining momentum. at a memorial service, president barack obama call for action but stopped short of saying what that might entail. several democratic senators are calling for laws to curb gun violence. >> meanwhile, funeral services were held for two victims of the deadly shooting. 27 people died, many of the children, when the gunman opened fire on the school. he was heavily armed with hundreds of bullets. >> family, friends, loved ones gathered in newtown to bid a final farewell to two young boys who lost their lives much too early. noah was 6 years old. this will it's remembered him as a happy child who loved animals. -- his schoolmates remembered him as a happy child who loved animals. >> she said whenever she told him she love him, his answer was not as much as i love you. >> meanwhile, the gun debate in america is bubbling back up to the surface. one american politicians said the tragedy could have been prevented if the school principal had a weapon of her own. >> i wish to god she have had an m-4 in her office so she could have pulled it out and she did n
. the walkout was the first in 26 years in singapore which has soviet rules against industrial action. >> translator: i hope the company will grant our request. if they don't, we will have to consider taking further steps. >> reporter: the government's response was swift and strong. 29 chinese strikers were deported. five leading members were arrested. one received a six-week prison sentence. the rare instance of labor and rest grabbed public attention. >> the whole thing that's happening with the chinese, it is kind of like, you know, freak thing that happened. >> reporter: singapore's 5.3 million residents, low-wage foreign workers account for one in six people. workers from china have been favored for their low-wage demands. they also share cultural heritage with singaporian and chinese, who make up 76% of the population. the strike had repercussions. people took to the streets. the consulate was picketed to demand the release of drivers. media in singapore gave the issue daily coverage. one local television station aired a controversial debate. >> anything against the law i don't
's market action. european shares gave up ground on the final trading day of the week. our correspondents and as the summary from the frankfurt stock exchange. >> hopes fading at the stock market u.s. politicians may reach a deal on time, alarming traders. consumers on both sides of the atlantic are also worried. pessimism is growing, and this was a burden for the stock market at the end of the week, but the german dax could keep small gains throughout the week. bets on single shares are expiring, leading to a very volatile trading. >> we stay in frankfurt for a closer look at friday's numbers. the dax had finished the session down by nearly 0.5% -- 7636 points. your socks 50 -- euro stoxx 50 giving up 0.25%. the euro slightly weaker against the dollar, trading at a value of $1.3175. >> turning to france now where the economy is set to show minimal growth in first half of next year, according to the french national statistics institution, who predict a rise of 0.1%. >> france's economy also barely grew over the course of this year, but in what many analysts see as overly optimistic, paris
want a piece of action. you'll find more than 300 mom and pop shops and little eateries, all known to provide the most affordable, freshest foods from the inner market. the sights, sounds and tastes of japanese cuisine have attracted international visitors for years. >> it's very traditional, a good experience. >> reporter: but time is running out on tsukiji as we know it. the inner market which includes the famous tuna auction will be moving to a new home by spring 2015. local traders want to attract as many people as possible in the short time left. so they've cooked up a few ideas to help foreigners experience the traditional market one last time. and to lure back tourists they lost after last year's disaster. the outer market information center now has volunteers, who will offer english guidance services. >> these are the oldest and the traditional sushi shops. >> okay. >> reporter: organizers say tsukiji was never meant to be a tourist spot but it gradually became one by word of mouth. for them to provide a service specifically for tourists is a brand new concept. now about 1,
philosopher democritus. he says, courage marks the beginning of action, fortune in the end. in this spirit, let us in 2013 continue to share the burden of those who are facing difficulty, people who are lonely or sick, or in need of comfort. together, let us make the new year one in which we again put our great strengths to the test -- our togetherness, our continued capacity for new ideas that give us economic power. then it germany will continue to be compassionate and successful. and so, i wish you and your family is a healthy, for filling, and happy new year in 2013 and got the's blessings. -- and god's blessings.
community should take firm action if north korea goes ahead with the launch. >> sugiyama said he hopes to visit beijing to discuss the matter with chinese officials. >> they're ignored warnings over the year when they went ahead with a launch that ended in failure. covering the korean peninsula, we see why leaders in the north are pushing ahead despite opposition. >> reporter: the ballistic missile launch will be the second since kim jong-un took power a year ago. it will use the same launch pad, a site in the northwestern part of the country. before the first testing, officials said the three-stage rocket was meant to carry a satellite. but japan and the u.s. and south korea said the launch was about a missile test. the launch was a missile test. the test ended in failure with a rocket exploding in mid-air two minutes after. it fell into more than ten pieces and fell into the ocean. analysts say the leader wants to collect his failures before the first anniversary of his father's death on december 17th. kim may be trying to consolidate his power by showing dedication. kim has also vow
to come, and they require clear action from politicians. the big topic right now our territorial disputes with china. -- right now are territorial disputes with china over the senkaku islands and how japan should continue its nuclear program. >> the event at fukushima have changed the culture -- the events at fukushima have changed the culture. ongoing demonstrations to end japan's nuclear program entirely demonstrate a clear change in japan. more and more japanese are questioning their leaders. >> in that sense, the fukushima disaster has definitely made voters more politically active. it has made them take a more critical look at the government. the anti-nuclear movement is growing. it is taking root and teaming up with movements around the world. in general, there is a move towards alternative lifestyles, and that is certainly playing a big role on the political stage. >> questions also surround japan's weakened economy. sony was recently downgraded to junk status by ratings agency fitch. japan's once booming auto industry has also seen a slump in sales. competition from china and sout
. the guarantees on paper -- will they become reality? law in action -- is it really what is in the constitution? black or white -- will add to be relative? >> it seems to be somewhat disturbing right now as it is. professor, thank you very much for coming in to talk with us. >> you are welcome. >> all right, you may remember this name -- anna politkovskaya. she has become an icon for journalistic freedom. until now, no one has been punished for her death, but today, a russian court sentenced a former policeman for his involvement in the killing. >> the court found a former policeman guilty of tracking her movements and providing the gun used to kill her. he was paid the equivalent of 115,000 euros. he got a reduced sentence after striking a plea bargain. >> he is sentenced to 11 years of hard labor with strict conditions over his imprisonment. >> she was shot in the entrance to her apartment in october 2006. in the official version of events, and middlemen from chechnya -- a middle man from chechnya hire the police officer to organize the killing. but her family and former colleagues are angry
to a disappointing year. >> the action continues later on wednesday with the remaining four-cup fixtures. top of the bill is the clash between dortmund and hanover. from the top team will be hoping to secure place in the quarter finals in the last competitive match of 2012, but they've got a growing injury list, just like visitors and over, they will be for by the track record. hanover have never been beaten by dortmund in the cup. >> now, a sigh of relief because apparently we are not headed for the end of the world after all. there has been a lot of chatter about the end of the mayan calendar, which some say could mean we and our planet have until friday to live. >> scientists have done some research and say it was all a big misunderstanding. >> these two men according to their calculations, christmas can go ahead after all. the academics from the czech republic say a mistake was made when the mayan calendar was synchronized with our own. it does not end now but in 2116. >> we fed 11,000 pieces of data into our computer. we looked at real astronomic events from over 900 years in the mayan c
to be higher in the long run. >> reporter: he thinks that a balanced and well thought out action plan is necessary to get out of deflation. >> we have to get out, but in order to get out you have to raise taxes. also, avoiding the weak economy. so you have to have the right policy mix to gradually increase taxes and at the same time, use part of the revenue to stimulate the economy. but the net effect has to be declining budget deficit. so you need this policy mix, increasing taxes and then use part of tax to stimulate the economy, but cut the budget deficit. that is a very delicate balance. >> reporter: are there other growth strategies that the administration can do? >> they can increase the growth of the japanese economy, the growth rate of the japanese economy, we have to increase the population, working age population. now working age population is declining by about 1% per year. so even if we can achieve more productivity growth higher than the united states. achievable trend growth rate is only 0.5%. you have to increase the growth rate to stimulate the economy, we have to get
. >> suing over a libel action that he won in 2006, there were forced to pay almost $500,000 after printing doping accusations. they now want him to return that payment including interest which could add up to well over $1 million. to the bundesleague. nuremberg has been looking for a new coach. wiesinger has coach in under 23 team. he played in more than 200 matches for nuremberg and bayern munich. hopes of a white christmas have been dashed. the country south as experience record high temperatures. >> in munich, the mercury hit 20.7 celsius, a record. a similar picture elsewhere in central europe, having an impact on how people celebrate christmas. >> these icicles are fake, just like the polar bears. a real winter wonderland would melt in the blazing sun of the atlantic coast. people are just. there holiday activities to suit the weather. >> it is wonderful weather for this season. usually it is cold. >> experiencing unseasonable sunshine. flocking to beer gardens and parks for a different take. >> we are not getting a christmas tree this year. it is better to just sit in the garden and
to the competition pushed the administration to take action. it launched a new organization to mediate complaints and it asked big firms to think about their impact. >> translator: small companies are pushed to the edge by the expansion of business by big companies. we are trying to find an agreement on what sort of business should be taken care of by big companies and by small companies. >> reporter: some sort of change can't come soon enough. a bakery chain with ties to a conglomerate is planning to open a new location just 600 meters away from his shop. >> translator: we all take turns and sit in this tent for two hours each to protest. >> reporter: he fears he could lose one-third of his sales so he has joined protests. >> translator: there's no way for us to survive when rich people open stores every where without considering poor people like us. >> reporter: that's what he and others in south korea want from their next president. a little consideration. they recognize the conglomerates have helped the country's economy grow but growth shouldn't strengthen threaten shops, livelihoods and tra
organization adopted the resolution on monday. it urges government action to improve the situation of the minority and to protect all their human rights including their right to nationality. the clash betweenees first erup may. thousands of people have been displaced since june. clashes have become more severe since october when at least 84 people were killed and more than 120 were wounded. many buddhists in mean man view the muslims as illegal aliens from bangladesh. the government does not recognize them as citizens. bangladesh refuses to grant citizenship status. >>> that will wrap up our bulletin for today. >>> artists have tried since 1945 to make sense of the atomic bombings in japan. one of them, the menga comic artist has sadly passed away. he died of lung cancer at 73. he survived hiroshima himself as a child and worked tirelessly to deliver a powerful message for world peace. nhk world has more. >> reporter: barefoot gen is a story of a boy who survived the atomic bomb on hiroshima. author keiji nakazawa was 6 when he lost his father and two siblings in the bombing, but h
in a comment that he hopes for strong economic action to spur growth and he called for measures to hold japanese currency at the 90 yen level against the dollar. >>> one of the major issues of the new government will be its involvement in monetary policy, taken by the central bank to end deflation and hold back the yen's advance. abe is urging the badge of japan to set an inflation target of 2%. he thinks if the central banks takes large-scale monetary easing measures, the country's economy would be revitalized. abe believes such measures would spur expectations for economic growth anded three a weaker yen and higher stock prices. bank of japan policymakers are scheduled to discuss issues, including the 2% inflation target, at their meeting next month. >>> the abe administration is facing another big challenge, how to carry out its pledges to improve japan's economy while at the same time controlling government spending. concerns are mounting as the country entered a recession. this means the economy shrank for two straight quarters. the new government plans to immediately compile a bud
the barbaric actions of israel against women and children. >> reporter: hamas leaded have viewed as a recession against israel. >> translator: the armed struggle against israel is our path to freedom. >> reporter: a new perfume also hit the stands selling more than 2,000 bottles. its named after the rockets fired against militants in israeli cities. >> translator: i'm proud our rockets can target israel in naming a perfume after them was a great idea. >> reporter: the violence left deep in the minds of children. nearly 50 received counseling at this facility. they are encouraged to write down or draw pictures of their anxieties. then the children put their messages into what counselors call a stress box. >> translator: what stands out the most are pictures of air strikes or tanks that illustrate the children's fears. >> reporter: 12 years old, he survived an israeli air strike that destroyed his home. his twin brother died before his very eyes. he lives in a rented apartment with his mother and sister. >> translator: my son has become defiant and refuses to study and spends all of his time wand
'll continue their armed struggle. some groups are even calling for more radical action. an official at the israeli defense department says they'll continue easing a blockade if the cease fire holds. >>> just as authorities in israel announced the indictment of former foreign minister avigdor lieberman. he faces charges of fraud and breach of trust. lieberman is accused of trying to promote a diplomat who relayed information to him about his political funding. he resigned two weeks ago after being informed of the charges. he said he would prove he's innocent. lieberman leads a far right party which has formed a coalition with benjamin netanyahu's likud party. lieberman is running in parliamentary elections next month. netanyahu called a snap election, hoping to take on strong support in opinion polls. still those polls show some some supporters have shifted to another far right party. >>> the united nations and arab league envoy to syria says there will be no end to the civil war there if the two sides refuse to talk. our reporter met with president al asad. >> reporter: although the
council's spokesperson. the official says israel's action is powerful. >> opponents of egyptian president mohamed morsi is wrapping up the pressure against the country's new draft constitution. they've gathered in the tens of thousands to speak out against what they call another power grab by morsi and his allies. the demonstrators are occupying tahrir square in cairo. they say the voting on the draft wasn't fair. they argue the council is dominated by those who support president morsi. >> translator: we will never be forced to approve the constitution. >> translator: the draft constitution does not represent the will of all egyptians. >> members of the council unanimously approved the draft constitution friday after an all-night session. egyptians will soon be able to vote on it in a referendum. they've already staged protest against morsi over the past week. they're angry they halted court challenges. a temporary step until the new constitution and parliament are created, he said. >>> anti-government forces in kuwait are also raising their voices. tens of thousands of opposition support
. the report said he admitted to the charge and they are taking legal action. swedish embassy officials visited peh. they had a diplomatic interest in north korea because washington and the u.n. don't have diplomatic relations. they said they may use that as a bargaining chip to get the u.s. to make concessions. north korean leaders endured condemnation last week for launching what they called a satellite-carrying rocket. the security council says there are consequences, but they are still struggling to agree on what those consequences will be. councilmen has condemned them because the north koreans ignored a ban on using missile technology. still, they don't want to adopt a legally binding resolution. they said it could pump them to conduct another nuclear test. japan's diplomats are working with north korea to try to impose sanctions. but they're far from waiting for the chinese to change their position. >>> world leaders of the two biggest economies have started laying the ground work for cooperation. china's president paid a visit to the u.s. president, obama. they agreed to boost economic
Search Results 0 to 24 of about 25